Women’s Empowerment Retreat Bozeman, Montana (9/12- 9/16/15)

I am so excited about my upcoming Women’s Empowerment Retreat in Bozeman, Montana with Dr. Tanda Cook this September. I was thinking about the many reasons why I love leading transformational/personal development retreats. I am so grateful that I get to explore the world and share new experiences with like-minded people. I love the sense of connectedness and community I experience when I lead these programs. People show up so open and willing and the friendships that are formed are unlike anything I have ever experienced or witnessed. So the reason I facilitate these retreats is because I am committed to guiding people to step into their natural Greatness. I have seen it time and time again during programs like, PYT’s 30 Day Digital Yoga Challenge, 40 Days to Personal Revolution, our 200 Hr. Teacher Training Program as well as Yoga Shrink Retreats. Participants are able to let go of their self-limiting beliefs and step into their natural state of Perfection. The best part of it is that I never laugh more than I do when I lead one of these programs. Learning to laugh at ourselves and our crazy thoughts is so beneficial. Why take yourself, life, or anything for that matter so seriously?

If you are looking to spend some time exploring your Greatness with a group of powerful women on a ranch in Bozeman, Montana where you will eat fresh, local, organic food, engage in daily yoga and meditation as well as have time to connect with yourself, nature, and some amazing women, then sign up now and join us.

As a former retreat participant stated, “Christen’s retreats are the best! What’s better than a mix of learning about yourself and laughing uncontrollably” (Kate L.- has been to 2 retreats with Christen).

For more details on the Women’s Empowerment Retreat in Bozeman, Montana (9/12- 9/16/15), go to: www.poweryogatribe.com/retreats/

Yoga for Healthy Children

Yoga for Healthy Children!
by Cristin Tighe, Founder of Kids & Yoga! cristin@kidsandyoga.com

As parents, you chose from many children’s activities, so why yoga?  It’s best to develop healthy bodies and minds!

Yoga is fun, engaging and helps kids focus and calm down – while infusing self-worth.  Physical poses grow strength, flexibility and confidence.  Yoga teaches valuable lessons about being mindful and present for now and future.

What happens in class?  First, they playfully explore what their bodies can do — breathe, stretch, jump, twist, bend, balance, focus, sing, be upside-down and relax.  Whether children come frustrated, tired or overactive, yoga creates balance and vitality.

Second, it’s non-competitive, so children don’t need to do more, better, faster (unlike school, sport, arts or games).  Practicing poses develop awareness, so they access strengths and areas to improve – without self-judgment or comparison.  Yoga’s framework brings positive transformation, without pressure.

Also, yoga provides quiet, perspective and rest.  Modern life – busyness, sitting, poor eating, pollution, electronics – taxes children too!  On the relaxation to fight-flight spectrum, children are often negatively stressed.  Yoga stimulates the calming parasympathetic nervous system.  Believe it or not – all kids, even super-active, love relaxing!

Share with your children that yoga starts with bells or breathing, and includes poses and songs often theme-based (jungle or courage).  Relaxation includes visualization (like beach walking) or a foot massage!  Often there are games, meditations, art or a chance to teach their friends.

All kids love and can do yoga!  I hope your children experience yoga’s gifts for health and radiance!

Cristin is leading the Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training Program at Power Yoga Tribe this Spring and Summer. This training is for yoga teachers, school teachers, parents, therapists, daycare providers, nannies, and anyone else interested in learning how to teach yoga to children.

See Workshops Tab, Under Information for more details.

Happy Birthday PYT!

This weekend Power Yoga Tribe will turn two-years-old! Unbelievable.  It seems like only yesterday that we had our Grand Opening weekend.  It is so amazing to see what we have created over the past two years.  For Preston and I, yoga has brought connection and community into our lives in a way that we had never experienced before.  It allowed us the opportunity to get real with ourselves and with each other and it helped us see how anything and everything is possible.  It completely transformed our lives and that is why we were intent on creating PYT.  Our intention in opening PYT was to create a space that fostered authenticity, community, and possibility. We wanted to offer “Real Yoga for Real People.”  We didn’t care if you looked like a yoga model, knew how to do arm balances or headstands, or even if you could touch your toes.  We wanted to teach people the 8 Limbs of Yoga, and not just the physical practice.

When I look at the PYT community as we approach our two year anniversary, I see individuals who are real and who are commitment to their personal growth on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.  I see people who are making breakthroughs on the mat and in their lives.  But most of all, I feel community when I step into the studio.  There is a sense of belonging, a coming home to like-minded people who accept you and celebrate who you are right now.

I want to thank each of the Tribe members for all you contribute to PYT.  I am blessed to be on this journey with each one of you.

Asana Prepares the Body & Mind for Meditation

I have been taking an Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course over the past 2 weeks.  Although I have participated in day-long meditation retreats, this is my first 8-week meditation course with daily homework.  I have meditated in the past for 5-10 minutes a day and always found meditation to be something that relaxed me.  However, over the past 2 weeks, I have been required to meditate for 45-55 minutes a day as well as engage in a mindful activity.  So in order to complete the daily homework, I have to schedule it into my day.  Some days I find that I can barely focus for a couple of minutes.  What was interesting is that I have found that the most pleasant meditations were when I was most mindful and invariably, that was always after I practiced yoga.  Being a teacher of yoga, I understood the concept that asana (the physical practice of yoga) prepares the body & mind for meditation.  This is because the physical practice works the body and the breath moves energy so the body and mind can be in a more relaxed state.  After spending 75-minutes on my mat meditating on my breath and linking it to the movements, it is so much easier to then settle in and focus on a mindfulness exercise.  It’s funny how after 11 years of practicing yoga it is only within the last two weeks that I have experienced how asana prepares the body & mind for meditation.  I love how we never stop being students of yoga.

Today is the first day of PYT’s Fall 2014 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program.  It is a program that takes yoga off your mat and into your everyday life with daily yoga, meditation, diet awareness, and self-inquiry questions.  We meet as a group weekly and discuss the weekly theme and how it plays out in our lives.  For some, it will be their first experience with meditation.

If you have been practicing the physical part of yoga for awhile, consider exploring some of the other limbs of yoga.

PYT Programs that explore the 8 Limbs of Yoga: PYT’s 30 Day Digital Yoga Challenge, 40 Days to Personal Revolution, Yoga Shrink Retreat February 2015, Yoga Counseling Sessions, & PYT’s Spring 2015 Teacher Training


“Teach all the time, sometimes even with words” by Ashley Miceli


“Teach all the time, sometimes even with words” is the quote that reads across the tee shirt I received after completing Level One training with Baron Baptiste in August 2013.  These words can be a simple concept at first glance yet they describe a lifestyle I am committed to and practice each day of my life.  

I am learning that true leadership is a way of being, how we show up in all areas of our lives, on and off the matt, all the time.  This is a practice and as a teacher at The Power Yoga Tribe under the loving leadership of Preston and Christen Scott, I have had the privilege to learn that being a powerful yoga teacher and leader is not about delivering a physically challenging class filled with random yoga postures but rather how I show up in my way of being.  At the studio we primarily teach a Baptiste-based vinyasa sequence called Journey Into Power.  The name says it all; Journey Into Power provides a consistent flow where you have the opportunity to observe how you are showing up that day without any labels or judgment.

I have found it beneficial to become clear on what I stand for in life, in and out of the studio.  A few months ago I sat down and reflected on what this practice has taught me and why I love teaching this style of yoga.  The clarity I discovered has empowered me to shine more fearlessly in all areas of my life.  This declaration is very dear to my heart and I LOVE sharing it with my friends in the yoga community:

-This practice has taught me how to breathe, even in the most difficult times in my life off of my mat.
-This practice has taught me to step into action, even when I’m feeling sluggish or burned out on or off my mat.

-This practice has taught me to stand for others, no longer an observer of life, but actually standing for someone else, even if I don’t know them personally, holding space for them with the intent to help them grow.
-This practice has taught me good intent. Ability to consciously choose an intent that will be a cause for possibility not only for myself but for the world.
-This practice has taught me to recognize fear, in every aspect of my life, and this has given me the opportunity to instead choose love.
-This practice has taught to me to “get out of the way”, which has brought me closer to God, and helped me to deepen my faith and knowing that He is fully in charge.
Last but not least, to sum up my intention for being a teacher of yoga:  


I encourage you to take a moment to become clear and write down what you stand for in your life!  We are all teachers no matter what job we have or do not have and it is possible to lead and inspire others every day.  Take a stand for yourself and for others, we are all meant to shine!  Love Always, Ashley Miceli www.ashleymiceli.com


“Happy Anniversary To Me” by Lisa Vreeland (“The Winner”)


As I sit here reflecting on my one year anniversary at the Power Yoga Tribe I am beaming with joy. It has been a year of growth, acceptance, and courage and I’m eternally grateful to the tribe for bringing out the best in me. A year before joining the tribe I was bouncing around from studio to studio trying to find the one that I wanted to call home. From the moment I walked into The Power Yoga Tribe, I finally found the sense of community that I was longing for. Christen and Preston welcomed me with open arms on my first day. I was accepted on day one and couldn’t wait to go to my second class. Preston encouraged me to explore and let go and try something new. I could feel my inner strength start to break free and the fear of “not being good enough” was no longer a thought taking up space in mind. I was practicing weekly at other studios. When I came to the Power Yoga Tribe I was practicing sometimes 4-5 times per week. Christen told me that “practicing yoga 3 times per week will change your body but 4 times or more will change your life”  is so true! With each practice I was craving more and excited to see where my potential would bring me. I started attending workshops like Foundations of the Flow and Easing into the Flow to strengthen my practice. Each workshop has taken my practice to another level by exploring poses I previously thought were impossible for me. In the moment of finally “getting a pose” I am so excited and the sense of pride and accomplishment I feel is indescribable. But it is the feeling in the days and weeks following that is addicting. Letting go of what holds you back and discovering your hidden potential is what pushes me to continue to explore. Last night I was playing with headstand and crashed on my way down. I couldn’t help but laugh and smile because I wasn’t afraid anymore. Previously, I would have been embarrassed by these less than graceful falls. But I wasn’t! Being a little unstable can be a badge of courage for trying something new. My fellow yogi’s cheered me on….for falling! How great is that?!

Aside from the workshops, I am also a successful graduate (and winner!) of the 40 days program. The 40 days program is a life changer! If you are true to yourself and the experience I can promise you that you will see results that you didn’t even know you were looking for. I had the pleasure of going through this program with 4 other women that I feel so connected to. We encouraged and inspired each other. We cried, we cheered, and we shared. Something I haven’t done in a long time. During the six week program, I personally went through a challenging experience at work (that I conquered), finally got the promotion I wanted, started the path of reconnecting with a dear friend, and worked up the courage to finish and submit my graduate school application after five years. The fear of not getting into my program or failing school held me back for so many years. The encouragement from Christen and the other ladies made me realize that I am worthy and I am good enough! I proudly write this testimonial today ending my first semester of graduate school…with straight A’s! I won the 40 days contest…but I won so much more than that. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that was given to me not only in yoga but in life. If all this can happen in one year, I can’t wait to see what year two has for me! Plus, when I walk in they don’t call me by my name anymore. They call me “The winner!” And I am! 


Yoga= Connection

The word Yoga means “to yoke, to unite.”  It could be the union of mind, body and soul, union with the Divine, or union/community with others.  For me, yoga has been all of these things and more.  One of the main reasons Preston and I created the Power Yoga Tribe was to create a community of like-minded individuals who would elevate each other to their highest potential.  I see that at the Power Yoga Tribe every time I walk into the studio. We are a community and we care for one another.  Students rally and support each other through difficulties and celebrate each other’s successes.  What is amazing to me is that this extends beyond the Tribe’s four walls.

I recently returned from a Karma Yoga Service Trip to Nicaragua with a few of the Tribe members.  We basically engaged in community service activities daily with the local youth from a small fishing village. Despite the language and cultural barriers, we all found connection.  By doing yoga together, playing games, hiking a volcano, cleaning up the local beaches of trash, we found union.  It wasn’t about us going there to help them.  Not at all.  It was about us connecting with people from another culture and realizing that we are all truly the same.  By being in the present moment and connecting to what it was we were doing, we found union, connection and community.  It was 6 days of relationship building.  To me it is exactly what the Power Yoga Tribe is all about- Authenticity, Community & Possibility.

I often say that we teach yoga and we sometimes teach asana.  That is what this retreat was all about.  It was about being truly present, connecting to what was right in front of you, and being open.  If you are looking for something more in your life, consider taking yoga into your everyday life.  At the Power Yoga Tribe, we provide so many opportunities for this: 30 Day Digital Yoga Challenge (starting 9/1), 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification (starting 9/12), and 40 Days to Personal Revolution (starting 10/6).  If you have found healing and power from the physical practice of yoga, start to explore how to bring yoga into all the other aspects of your life!

Be Great…Become a Teacher of Possibility

I was thinking about what makes practicing and teaching at PYT so special.  There are many reasons but the main one is that we are committed to being Great and inspiring others to be Great.  Yoga at PYT is not just about the yoga postures (asanas).  It is what has inspired Christen and Preston in their yoga journey, which is authenticity, community and possibility.  The physical postures are a very small part of this.  It is actually only 1/8 of what yoga is all about; there are 8 limbs in yoga with asana being one of the limbs.  We, at PYT, see the yoga mat as a vehicle that brings us to our own personal transformation and freedom.  That is why getting into more advanced postures don’t mean that much to us.  What those postures show us is how anything is possible and how great we can truly be.  However, if we never take it off our mats and into our lives and the lives of others, then what are we practicing and teaching?  We, at PYT, are teachers of life, possibility, transformation, freedom, and love.  Yoga is just the manner in which we teach these things.  So if you are ready to take your yoga off your mat and into your life and the lives of others, consider enrolling in PYT’s teacher training certification program.  You will be inspired and be inspiring.  Remember PYT’s Fall 2014 Teacher Training Program starts on September 12th!

30 Days of Connection

We are in the midst of our 30 Day Digital Yoga Challenge.  We are at Day 12 to be exact.  What an amazing journey this has been so far.  We have discussed and experienced so many things: presence, mindfulness, authenticity, acceptance, gratitude, equanimity, and even joy.  I am so blessed to be leading these yogis on a daily journey of yoga, meditation, diet choices, self-awareness, and most importantly, connection.  I say connection because that is what yoga is all about.  The word Yoga means union, to yoke, to bring together.

After 12 days, a number of people have stated that it has been helpful to realize that they are not the only ones who feel, think, and experience certain judgments and insecurities.  When people get real and share openly and honestly, they start to see that they are just like everyone else.  We all feel not good enough.  We all experience fear.  When we become aware that everyone experiences this, we can drop our masks and stop hiding our truth from the world.  When we do this, we become less isolated and more connected.  Think about it…how connected do you feel when you hide who you are from others?  It is totally isolating.  However, when we share our truth and we get the sense that others have also experienced it, we drop our guards and connect heart to heart.  That is what has been unfolding over the past 12 days in our private Facebook group.  Have you ever met someone who you didn’t think you liked until you realized how much you had in common?  I often find that once someone gets real with me, I can’t help but like them because they are me and I am them.

So even if you are not in this 30 Day Digital Yoga Challenge, take the challenge to get Real.  The more real you get with people, the more real they will get with you.  At that point, you will be amazed at how much connection and community become a part of your life.


Yoga Bootcamp Party at PYT

Yoga Bootcamp happens every Wednesday at 8:45am and 6pm at Power Yoga Tribe.

It is a heated 75-minute practice that starts with a 15-minute Sun Salutation warm-up.  The yoga bootcamp portion of the class is approximately 30 minutes where we incorporate interval training with yoga postures.

Examples: Side Plank Alternating with a Push-Up in between each side, Crescent Lunge to Knee Raise, Eagle Crunches

Each yoga interval lasts 1 minute and then the posture or posture sequence changes.  All the poses can be amplified or modified so it is accessible to the beginner yogi as well as to the advanced practitioner.  All of this is set to upbeat, inspiring music.  After the bootcamp portion of the class is complete, the class ends with some backbends and 15 minutes of restorative yoga (hip openers, forwards folds, inversions).

What’s different about this class is that it takes your practice to new and different places.  It builds physical and mental strength. Because it is a physically challenging practice and not something we do often, we often create stories that we aren’t strong enough to do it etc… Christen helps you become aware of the negative mental scripts that run in your head. Once you are aware of them,  you have a choice to listen to them or not.  This class shows you that you are as powerful as you believe you are.

All of this happens in fun and lighthearted environment.  The PYT community is so inspiring to one another, encouraging each other to keep going and never quit.  Your abs will be sore you when you leave this class from laughing so hard.  We laugh, sing and get downright crazy.  That is what Yoga Bootcamp is all about… it’s a big Yoga Party!


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